Custom Framed Wood Line Art Portrait

Custom Framed Wood Line Art Portrait

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Your wedding day is a story worth telling. With this framed line art, we’ll immortalize your happily ever after surrounded by your favorite song. Hand drawn by DeJa the artist in her Colorado studio, each piece is unique and comes to life with a 3D Line Art rendering of your special day with engraved lyrics of your favorite song on Birch wood. Finished with Birch or Dark stained frame that adds depth and dimension to the design.


Dimensions approx 13 L x 9 W sawtooth clips on back for easy hanging 

How to order:

1. Add Song Title and Artist Name to box on this page

2. Add to cart and checkout

3. You will receive an order confirmation email REPLY to the order confirmation email with your picture of choice 

4. Await your proof in 2-3 business days

5. Your order ships in 7-10 business days!

6. Your picture arrives ready to hang! Display your portrait and enjoy